Notebook Maestro – Interacting between your iPad and the SMART Board

Many people wanted to have interaction between the iPad and and the interactive whiteboard using Notebook software and now they can. The iPad Notebook app does not have as many features as the regular version but now you can walk around the classroom writing on your iPad and having the text appear on your SMART Board. You can also pass the iPad to students whose ideas, math answers etc. will appear on the SMART Board for everyone else to see. You will need the iPad Notebook app and Maestro on the Mac or PC that is connected to the SMART Board. I have included the instructions here…


  1. Download the Notebook app from the Apple iTunes store and install it on the iPad. There is a small cost.
  2. Download the add-on called Maestro (free) from
  3. Install the downloaded Maestro add-on on the laptop or desktop that is attached to the interactive whiteboard. You must have Notebook 2014 to do this.
  4. Maestro will be installed in the Add-ons tab.


To Run the Program:

  1. Open Notebook on the computer connected to the SMART Board.
  2. Click on the Add-ons.
  3. Click on Notebook Maestro.
  4. A QR code appears.
  5. Open the Notebook App on your iPad.
  6. Dismiss the instructions (Dismiss is seen at the top right of the new window).
  7. Point the iPad at the QR code.
  8. In Notebook on the SMART Board, click Connect.
  9. Now you can write on the iPad and the notes will appear on the SMART Board.


Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom


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