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Discovering Shapes

March 18, 2015

We were discovering shapes in the grade one class the other day and we found a fun and easy way to do it on the interactive whiteboard. When using Notebook software, we put a graphic on our interactive whiteboard and then we traced the shapes that the students saw. We removed the graphic and they all saw that the shapes that remained. It was neat to see the pattern they made. Details of the activity are found here…



Put a picture from the neighbourhood into SMART Notebook Software. I used the camera capture toolbar from SMART Notebook to grab a picture from the street view in google maps.

  1. Lock the picture down so the students can’t move it while they trace the shapes. (See the lock feature in the drop down menu of the image.)
  2. Have the students trace the shapes that they find. We use yellow because it shows against dark backgrounds.
  3. Unlock and delete the image.
  4. The students will see the shapes remaining.

If you are working on fine motor skills, the students could trace more complicated shapes as well. For instance, trace an animal and then remove the animal picture to reveal only the drawing.


Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom


Activity Card of the Month – March 2015

March 4, 2015

Card #10 Make it Match

Kids love games and so do I… especially when I can make them in less than five minutes and then use them over and over! The Lesson Activity Toolkit has many templates for these. Get your card of the month and make a game that will allow students to review something you are discussing in class. Even better get your students to make a game that reviews a concept.

Click here to download Activity Card #10 – Make it Match