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New Videos Uploaded for Starboard Software

September 23, 2015

Recently we got a new Hitachi Interactive Projector. Some of our teachers have SMART Boards and they use Notebook but the teacher who has the Hitachi wanted to find out about Starboard software which is provided with Projector. There are videos to help out anyone who has this software.

If you follow this link, you will find out how to launch the software and how to tailor the menu and your screen. You will learn also how to put a grid to your screen, how to move the menu around and how to add or remove the onscreen trash can.

Watch for details about more Hitachi videos.


Happy Learning!

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Activity Card of the Month – September 2015

September 9, 2015

Card #16 – Show and Tell for all Ages

We want to keep the working area of the SMART Board free of extraneous information but sometimes, you need a definition, formula, instructions etc. to be handy. Learn to create pull tabs in this card of the month. This will allow you to hide information at the sides or top of the board, that can be retrieved quickly and easily.


Click here to download Activity Card #16 – Pull Tabs


Happy Learning!

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