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Add/Delete External Applications on Starboard Software

November 25, 2015

When using Hitachi’s Starboard software, you can quickly access other programs by linking them in the toolbox which is found in the floating menu.  Make sure your menu is open on your desktop.

  1. Click on the toolbox.
  2. At the bottom of the list that displays you will click on “Add/Delete External Applications”.
  3. Click on Add and navigate to and click on a program such as PowerPoint, Excel, Paint, Photoshop etc. that you want to be able to open quickly while in Starboard.
  4. Click on Close and the icon for that program will now appear on the menu for the toolbox.

Happy Learning!

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Starboard Software Gallery

November 11, 2015

We have been trying out the Hitachi Starboard software with our new Hitachi interactive projector.  One of the things we really like is the Gallery.  At first we were not impressed because there were few things stored there.  However, we clicked on the little globe with the magnifying glass and did a search for levers and we got pages and pages of images that we could insert on the page.

Starboard’s search engine is great and it has provided tens of thousands of images that we can use for education.  This means we no longer have to do a two-step process of locating and saving files from the net.  Love it!

Happy Learning!

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