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New Features of Notebook 15.2

March 30, 2016

In the next few blogs, I am going to talk about the new features of Notebook 15.2.

If you get this version of Notebook and you are wondering what is new, check out the tutorial that is included in every addition.  To access this tutorial, open Notebook, click on help in the top menu and then click on the SMART Notebook tutorial.  There are new activities in the Lesson Activity Builder, SMART Ink has added a stamping tool and Youtube content can be integrated into Notebook (LOVE this!).  There are changes to the capture tool as well, which I will describe in a future post.


Happy Learning!

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Shout it Out Inspiration

March 16, 2016

A few weeks ago, I was showing a teacher SMART Notebook’s Shout it Out.  He loved it and right away had the students posting their math problem solutions and explanations to the SMART board.

What he discovered was that some students waited to see what others posted before sending their answers.  To protect those students who were not as competent, he turned off the ability to display contributor names.  Then in a moment of inspiration, he used the screen shade to hide what appeared on the board until all the students had posted.  Once all had submitted their answers, he closed the screen shade and  revealed the answers.  Since I saw this, I have used this strategy many times.


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Shout it Out

March 2, 2016

Shout it Out is found in the Lesson Activity Builder, which you can access if you click the icon of the blue magic hat in the toolbar.

You can use it to allow students to share opinions, state preferences, add substantiating evidence etc.  New in 15.2, you can move student ideas from one category to another. What I like about Shout it Out, is that it can be used so easily on the fly and it is part of a suite that is already powerful.

If  you are not sure how to use it, see the tutorial found in Help in the top menu of Notebook.


Happy Learning!

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