Hitachi’s Interactive Projectors

For an affordable interactive display, we love our Hitachi interactive projectors.  The images are crisp and the special pens powered by 2 AAA batteries are accurate and responsive.  I like the fact that this projector calibrates automatically and that software is included in the purchase.  Starboard software is fairly intuitive but if you wonder how to use it, there are lots of videos on Youtube.  One feature I love is that you can simply write a word in the interactive area of Starboard, click on the drop down menu and search for that word on internet.  There is no faster way of finding information!  The toolbox in the toolbar area contains a screen block, stopwatch, spotlight, some math tools and more!  You can write and quickly convert to text so that notes appear more professional.  Another feature of this projector is that it functions without a computer being attached.  Make notes and save these files so you can open them at a later date or save them to a usb and transfer them to a computer.  There are templates stored as well so when your computer is out for repair, use the Venn diagrams, the backgrounds for student writing and planning, do some brainstorming and much more.


Happy Learning!

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