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Our 3D Printer is Put to Use

March 28, 2018

We are just getting used to using our Dremel 3D printer.  At first we printed objects we found online but because they hoped to learn more, several students said that they wanted to create their own designs.  There are many 3D creation programs available such as Tinkercad, Vectory and Shapeways but we chose to buy a few copies of Sketchup for students which is only $49 (US/CAD)!

Try the free version of Sketchup first to see if it suits your needs.   Some of the students had previous experience with the program and others were real risk takers and figured things out.  Over the next few weeks, the more skilled students worked with those who were less knowledgeable so most people were able to design something.   It was great to see the students (and their teacher) so focused and excited!


find 3D files at Thingiverse:

free version of sketchup:  At the top of the page, click on Learn for the tutorials.

buy Sketchup for students:


Happy Learning!

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