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Girls and Beginning a 3D Printer Project

April 25, 2018

How can students conceptualize a design for a 3D printer? Cransbrook Middle School for Girls (Michigan) began with playdough.  For girls this is especially important.  According to Science:  Human Body and Mind, “Studies show that, on average, men are better than women at mentally rotating pictures of three dimensional objects (the 3D shapes task).”  The girls may have been better able to create their designs using playdough perhaps because their skills lean towards creating the initial objects physically rather than mentally.


Watch the students create, initiate and complete their 3D designs at

Read one study about the difference between girls and boys brains at


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How can we be inspired by 3D printing?

April 11, 2018

Some of our students wanted to see what other youth were creating on their 3D printers so they decided to make a presentation for the class.  Using SMART Notebook software, they showed how 3D printing is helping kids and what students are creating.  They embedded a video and showed part of it so that everyone could see how 3D printing could change a kid’s life.  This brought tears to my eyes!

Then they showed some innovative designs such as a dishwasher, and they linked to an article about a student who designed a test strip disposal unit for diabetics.  This boy who is only 12, won $1000 and now has sold 1000 3D printed units at $10 AUD each.  With our Dremel 3D printer, we all decided that we would like to design projects that fill a need or could potentially help others.


Check out the video & articles!

Changing a kid’s life:

3D Printed Dishwasher:

Test strip holder:


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