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Using PowerPoint on the SMART Board

May 23, 2018

When I was in the local high school the other day, I noticed that a couple of teachers were using PowerPoint on their SMART interactive flat panels.  They were happy to tell me some good news.  They discovered that when they are in slideshow mode, there is a small toolbar that allows them to enhance their presentations. This permits them to ink their presentations, highlight important words, and add pages.  Adding pages to a PowerPoint presentation allows them to conduct a brainstorming session, make notes about a discussion or create quick illustrations or diagrams.  The art teacher was using a blank page to show perspective and the geography teacher’s students were brainstorming the influences of natural phenomena on their daily lives.

Find out more about the PowerPoint toolbar here.

For even more interactivity, see the next blog about importing PowerPoint presentations into SMART Notebook software.


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SMART Notebook 17 – Math Equation Editor

May 9, 2018

Our math teachers were very happy to see that SMART Notebook 17 gives the user the abilities to insert and to edit equations.  The insertion tool allows them to handwrite the equation on a pop-up window and when completed, it converts to text and is placed on the present page. (Students love this!) The equation editor provides symbols such as square root and power functions.  Working with a keyboard they add numbers and letters.


We pull up the virtual keyboard in SMART Ink but you can access your regular keyboard as well.  Teachers are finding the equation editor helpful with the Notebook add-on, Geogebra which is found in the add-ons in the tabs’ panel.  Details for accessing these Notebook 17 math functions are found here.


Learn more about these math tools at the following links.

The Math Equation Editor:

Insert an Equation:


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