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Game Show on Notebook 16.2

April 26, 2017

Notebook 16.2 is out!  Every time there is an update, I can’t wait to check it out and see what has changed.  Game Show is a new activity that has been added to SMART Lab.  It reminds me of Wheel of Fortune as there is a spinning wheel, a TV host and two teams.  You can add content to review subject matter, solve problems or just to play trivial pursuit on a rainy afternoon when recess outside is not possible.   Even better, get the kids to create the quiz.   Easy to edit and fun to play, your students will love competing to find out which team rules!  Keep a chart for champions on your wall.


Happy Learning!

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Download Free Fonts for Fun

November 19, 2014

This week, I wanted to get some more fonts to use in Notebook and I found a site with free fonts! Check out Pick a category and scroll down to see the styles. Click on Download beside the style you have chosen. Once it is downloaded, you can install the font and it will be available in the fonts menu of Notebook, Word and other processors that you use! Pay attention to the name of the font when you download it so you can find it in the list of fonts. If Notebook was running when you downloaded and installed the file, you will have to close down and open a new file.

I was going to suggest one or two fun ones here but there are just so many that you should discover them yourselves! I had so much fun with these, that I got carried away and installed about fifteen new fonts!


Happy Learning!

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Games from SuperTeacherTools – Part 2

October 15, 2014

Recently, I told you about This is where you can make great review games like Jeopardy and Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

Now learn to download the game template and have it stored locally so you do not have to depend on internet.

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down to see and select Who Wants to be a Millionaire.
  3. Scroll down and select Download.
  4. Save the Mac or PC file in a new folder. It is an .exe file so you probably cannot install this on school administered computers. I use my own laptop for this.
  5. Now click on the url and edit a game to suit your needs.
  6. Once the game is edited, scroll to the bottom and fill in the required information including the verification.  I found I just needed to insert the verification number when I chose a pre-made game.
  7. I downloaded the text file, (seen here on the left) and put it into the same folder as the game template. That is really important!
  8. I ran the game and then was asked to input the name of the text file.

Click below to download and print step by step instructions:



Happy Learning!

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Activity Card of the Month – September 2014

September 10, 2014

Card #4 The Frayer Model

Hello everyone! This month I am focusing on the Frayer model. I made a template for it and stored it in SMART Notebook’s ‘My Content’ which you will find in the Gallery. This way, I can use it over and over.

Online you will see a few definitions for this model. Some say it builds vocabulary but when you allow students to create the models it helps with comprehension as well. When I make these models, I like to hide the main ideas so that students have to use deductive reasoning to figure them out.
Click here to download Activity Card #4 – Create a Frayer Model


Happy Learning!

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Activity Card of the Month – July 2014

July 2, 2014

Happy July everyone! Here is the second activity card in the series of SMART Board activities. I will post one a month for a year. If you like them, I will make some more so let me know!

In this exercise, you will learn to make white out so that you can hide and reveal important points in a paragraph, hide certain letters in a word or cover up an entire sentence allowing the students to figure out what is missing or come up with their own ideas. Maybe you will have some interesting ideas. Let’s share ideas.

Click here to download Activity Card #2 – Create a Cloze Passage


Happy Learning!

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NAO for Now

June 18, 2014

I had so much fun yesterday when I met Nao, the robot from Aldebaran. He listens, he talks, he walks and he even dances! His simple facial features and responses suit children with Autism Spectrum disorder and they easily interact with Nao. I learned a bit of the programming and it was simple to create a routine with the multiple prepared actions. High school students would love to program him! In fact, there are competitions to see who can create the best dance for Nao.



Check out his features at and see a group of robots perform part of the Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance.


Happy Learning!
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Beautiful Bubbles

January 22, 2014

A few weeks ago, I was at a conference and had the opportunity to play with the SMART Table.  I loved the new design and the sensitivity of it.  A rep from SMART came over and told us about a new file called Beautiful Bubbles which you can find on the SMART Exchange.  Once we downloaded it via wifi to the table, we had everyone engaged in popping the bubbles!  We wanted to know what happened when we got rid of all the red ones or the blue ones or both.  If you have a table, try it out.  This is a great way to get new or reluctant table users to join in the fun!

Happy Learning!

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Object Based Learning

October 2, 2013

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about Object Based Learning.   Searching online, I found this great resource ( that explains what can be done in math, science, social studies, geography etc. to support object based learning.  It also explains how to adapt it for different learning styles and intelligences and I liked the tips for reading documents, photographs, objects and oral histories.

If you are from a country other than United States, you should know that the links to documents are from the USA but you will still enjoy the whats, hows and whys that you read here.

Happy Learning!

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Welcome Back to School

September 11, 2013

What a blur!  Isn’t getting back to school fun?  I was searching around for ideas and found this page on Pinterest.

The noise meter from that page has been downloaded for my iPad and I think it will be fun to try it out with the students.  I like kids to discuss and I think it will be neat to get them to self-regulate.  I am also working on translating some of the paper ideas into SMART Notebook.  Check out the page!


Happy Learning!

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Tiny URL

June 19, 2013

Sometimes I want to share a url with a colleague or friend but the url is so long that it takes up several lines in an email.  Check out  Paste in the long url and click on Make TinyURL!  A very short url will be generated for you.  Even better, you can make up your own tiny url by entering a unique name into the Custom alias space.



Happy Learning!

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